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Swamp Attack 3.0.1 Mod APK


Your swamp is under attack! Grab a weapon and defend your home from the invading monsters, like crazed zombie-style monsters, crocodiles, aliens and more!

Come up with a strategy! Shoot weapons. Beat the monsters. Survive the attack and secure your home. The evil monsters may know no mercy, but you can beat them all – every single monster is a fun challenge!

Swamp Attack Hack

We’ve got dynamite, flamethrowers, crossbows, blob-throwers, molotov cocktails, and more for you to use against the zombie-style critters! So get ready to SHOOT! Prepare your ATTACK! And PROTECT your home as you play the best action-packed shooter game around!

Swamp Attack 3.0.1 Features

  • Shoot with different guns by TAPPING THE SCREEN.
  • DRAG AND DROP the explosives onto the monsters.
  • Don’t miss a beat – SWITCH between weapons during the action!
  • UPGRADE and equip yourself with guns and bombs before starting a new level.
  • Drink a potion to CONTINUE PLAYING if you get killed, or to instantly top up your energy.

Swamp Attack Mod

Swamp Attack Mod has more than 300 levels with 8 different chapters, so you will always feel the game is new and many challenges. At the beginning levels, the game is simply is using the gun to kill the crocodiles then you pick up money from them. At higher levels, you will have to deal with more powerful monsters. It looks like each level will unlock a new type of monster with the new weapons needed to destroy them.

Download Swamp Attack Mod APK

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Additional Information

Swamp Attack Mod
QR code image
APK Name: Swamp Attack
Developer: Outfit7 Limited
Current Version: 3.0.1
50,000,000+ Installs
Requires Android: 4.1 and up

Although not really outstanding but overall the game is also worth playing because of the entertainment of the game with humorous gameplay. Monsters are attacking, now it’s time to download Swamp Attack to your phone and protect your swamp today.

What’s new

  1. Warm up your weapons – with two fresh campaign episodes and 48 brand new levels.
  2. Fearlessly face new enemies and weapons of house destruction.
  3. Call Uncle Joe to teach you how to handle crazy construction equipment

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